Northern Troops  called it "The War Between the States".  Southern Troops called it "The War of  Northern Aggression". Today we call it the "Civil War".  The US Civil War was fought between the years of 1861 thru 1865.  The 6th New Jersey Infantry, Company C and the 23rd North Carolina Infantry, Company D .  These men and women of the civil war period were important in the growth of our country and  a  key elemenent of our nation's history.
  Based in New Jersey, our organization reenact both Northern and Southern units in the Civil War.  We are available for School Programs, Reenactments, Living History, Commericals, Documentaries, Fundraisers, etc.

  We invite and encourge all to join so they can learn and enjoy history.  We are decated to helping others who wish to join. We will assist you with information on these units and the Civil War.  Our members will help you obtain the proper equipment and training.  To understand what they experienced and had to sacrifice in their lives can not be expressed by words alone.

  The history of this nation is dear to all of us so come join our family and help us preserve history.

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6th New Jersey Infantry, Company C
23rd North Carolina Infantry, Company D
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A Civil War song dedicated to The 23rd North Carolina