6th New Jersey Infantry, Company C
23rd North Carolina Infantry, Company D
Civilian Society
Civilians of the civil war era were caught in the middle of the turmoil. Northern and Southern civilians would learn how to deal with war and death that was all around them. Civilians tried to help the troops the best way they could. This part of the civil war is as important as any other part and is studied and recreated by our Civilian Society.

   Our civilians strive to be the best and to apply what they have learned to our organization. Children laughing and playing, the smell of home cooking, and the sites and sounds of the civil war. Live History and see the way it was.
    While the men are on the battlefield fighting for what the beleive in, the ladies are helping one another cope with moral support during these trying times. Keeping busy with needle work projects, cooking, and teaching the children the things that a Mother would have taught their children in preparing for live in those times.

    The Civilian men  were also hard at work tending their farms, working to keep food in their children's mouths.  A part of history that we should never forget.
Civil War Reenactment Group
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