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6th WebAward
6th New Jersey Infantry, Company C
23rd North Carolina Infantry, Company D
Civil War Reenactment Group
Federal Hardtack                                     Sassafras Tea                            
Confederate Hardtack                            Cherokee Mush

Beef Jerky                                                  Imitation Coffee

Johnny Cakes                                           Skillet Apple Pie

Stick Bread                                                 Sagamite

Hardtack Corn Chowder

Vinegar Candy

Boiled Peanuts

Cast - Iron Corn Bread
Confederate Hardtack
Vinegar Candy
Hardtack Corn Chowder
CSA Hardtack
Federal Hardtack
Beef Jerky
Johnny Cakes
Stick Bread
  Welcome to our recipes page.  Please feel free to browse and try our recipes.  I have researched and tried all of the items listed below.  I am sure you will enjoy them all.  Shown in the picture below is a box of confederate hardtack, green coffee beans, a block of green tea, and two bags of sugar.
Boiled Peanuts
Cast-Iron Corn Bread
Sassafras Tea
Cherokee Mush
Imitation Coffee
Skillet Apple Pie