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Sassafras Tea
Sassafras tea was used by mostly southern troops.  Sassafras comes in two verieties which are red and yellow.  The red is mostly used for making tea as it has a stronger taste than the yellow.  Your market's produce section should have it or you can dig up your own if you know where to find it.  For those who have never seen of sassafras you will recognize the smell of it.  Sassafras is one of the main ingredients in Root Beer, and it gives Root Beer that marvelous aroma.  Sassafras tea  should be used in moderation.  Folks from the Civil War era also thought of this tea as a "Spring Tonic".

       5 Cups water
       5 (5 Inch pieces of washed sassafras root)
Bring your water up to a boil and add your sassafras roots.  Allow tea to simmer for 10 minutes.  Remove from heat and let steep for 5 minutes.  You may add sugar if you wish.  Red sassafas will make a very beautiful reddih colored tea and the yellow will make more of a light orange colored tea.  The native americans found this great tea many year ago and even today we all can enjoy it.